Wind Mit Roof Covering Question

  • Roof covering over main house (living area) was installed in 2005.
  • Garage roof is attached to the exterior wall of the main house and is pre-2001 FBC.
  • Garage roof has a mansard and is used as a balcony/patio for the 2nd floor bedroom.

For Question #2 on the Wind Mit, I am marking “C” with an explanation.

Is this how you see it too?

Is the garage attached to the main house by any openings or just stuck to the side of it? I’ll be out for a bit but i’ll be back.

I’m assuming the roof is outside the HVHZ, (so can’t qualify under SFBC) and if so I would agree that C is the right answer to Q2. The roof is structurally attached, and if installed before current codes, doesn’t qualify for discounts. If you fill out the top part of the question, then I would say no further explanation would be necessary.

I’d think A since the garage roof system is not mechanically attached to the main roof system.

Matthew - how do you make any money giving away free four point, wind mitigations, and roof certifications with your inspections?

The garage is “enclosed” guys…it gets included on the 1802.

As Brad said. Always include unless it is detached

Thanks to all.

I agree that it must be included. I was curious to see if its use as a balcony/patio would make a difference to anyone.

No, no difference