Roof conditon?

Came into a foreclosure sale. One of the concerns was the roof. Previous inspection reports, don’t know how they got them, had “failed” the roof condition. This was a marginal judgment call as to what is a “failed” roof. Staying true to my client I called it aged “2nds”. Granular coat missing in spotty points / tabs random over roof area. Defect or …?

I don’t ‘pass or fail’ anything. I report what I observe, and make a recommendation for further evaluation (by a qualified and licensed tradesperson) and/or repair as I deem it necessary. Your photo indicates further evaluation and repair is deemed necessary.

Over 10 years as a NACHI inspector? You should know the answer to your own question. No life. Granular erosion. Needs replaced. Not insurable, etc.

I fail to see what you guys see in this roof covering needing repair, replaced and evaluated.

From the photo, it shows signs of granule loss and wear, but sure is not at it’s final stage of service life for its intended purpose.