Roof Covering

Can you put shingles over a rolled torched roof? I am having this issue where the contractor said they are there for decretive reasons… ? This is a flat roof .

How were the shingles applied?

If they are nailed down they have penetrated the membrane.

Shingles should not go on a flat roof .

low slope over water and ice sheild maybe…flat roof no way

Shingles were put on with roof cement… But I can not tell the condition of the roof covering under them.

and that is the issue to report…no way to tell the condition of the membrane and it could be an expensive mess to tear off if /when it leaks…

James They had a licensed contractor go out flash his license around and told buy I have no clue what I am talking about and the roof looks just fine… Now I have buyer wanting refund because this contractor says its ok. I told buyer to go to the city and ask if this can be done and if a permit was pulled… that’s where I am at.:frowning:

Ask the “contractor” what type of roof cement was used to adhere the shingles to the Mod Bit roofing. Standard flashing cement will eat right thru the membrane eventually…must use MB cement on Mod Bit roofing. Wondering why this was done for aesthetic reasons on a FLAT roof…bad idea. Defer to a qualified roofer for review.

Tell the buyer to get it in writing from the Roofer then take a picture of it instantly .

Not everyone is going to agree on every issue. I explain to my clients that they are paying me for my opinion…as are Yours…if You explained to Your client that it was not proper to apply shingles to a flat roof in any fashion and it prevented You from determining the integrity of the roof system then You did Your job period. It really doesn’t matter that they found a contractor to argue against Your finding…Your job is done and you earned Your wages.

Cannot be done, at least in south Florida. You boys up there may have your own rules. I do know that you cannot re-roof over a flat roof, so that means it should be wrong. Why not call the local building department and see what they say.

Bet you there is no permit on that. If there is, ask to see the NOA

You observed what is not a practical or appropriate application of shingles.
A licensed roofing contractor inspected the roof and was satisfied with the situation. You still have reservations, but you did your job.
If the client wants to accept the roofers evaluation, that is their right. Wish them well. But repeat to the client, that roofer or not, the manufacturer of the shingle will will not recommend there shingles on low slope/flat roofs.
If you did not call it out, then and only then would you be failing in your responsibility as the home inspector.

No you can not.

Asphalt shingles shall only be used on roof slopes of two units vertical in 12 units horizontal or greater

Asphalt shingles shall have the minimum number of fasteners required by the manufacturer, but not less than four fasteners per strip shingle or two fasteners per individual shingle.

Fasteners shall be of a length to penetrate through the roofing materials a minimum of 3/4 inch into the roof sheathing

Decorative on a flat roof? Where would you see it from? The neighbors second floor bedroom window

No No and More no.
Take the shingle course and find out why it’s not a good idea to do this.