Roof Install

I know this seems obvious but I sometimes question myself when I see things like this done by a roofing contractor (as they should know better). I’m suggesting an improper installation as the lower flat roof area should be below the strip shingle. Would that be the right call - besides recommending another roofing contractor.

I would say replace the roof and shoot the contractor :twisted:…not just the flat roof but the step flashing up the wall by the siding…not a question of will the roof leak but when.
I would recommend whoever to get a few quotes from reputable contractors BEFORE the deal closes and maybe work out a deal on the price.IMHO

Obviously the used house salesperson won’t be happy but they are not the ones dishing out the cash. Report what you see…keeps you out of trouble!

Probably an addition, but still wrong installation method. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I believe the rolled roofing should be laid parrallel to the shingles, not opposite direction.

I’m not 100% sure which way the lo-slope is draining, but I can assure you a new roof is needed now. Along with an evaluation of the expected life of the shingles.

The low slope roof is not draining in same direction of strip shingles. The low roof pitched toward the front and strips pitch to the the right.

Oh, did I mention that there was FOUR layers of shingles on this roof!:shock::shock::shock:

And to Scott’s comment about the used house salesman, I’m never worried about pissing them off - I have a job to do for my client and I never expect a referral after I inspect a house like this. Funny part is that the seller is a mortgage banker for a big bank here who obviously is flipping this house and who I will also never get a referral from after this - but oh well. Who is it that once said, “it is, what it is”?

Where the roof planes intersect there should be a transition of flashing.
Suspect:Roof deficiency. Lower flat roof plane roll on membrane has been install incorrect.
wish I was on my PC.

this info changes everything

report as improper materials and installation method for an attempted Built Up Roof application :wink:

Looks like a colonial roof John.

The Colonial roof-line provides a moderately sloped exposed cathedral ceiling which keeps the heat away from you during the warmer months yet enables easy heating of the house during Winter.