Roof Framing ?

What do you think about this? Its a valley rafter supported by a built up stack of 2x4’s & 2x6’s at the front bottom corner of the roof.


Not adequate IMO. That stack could roll over under the downward thrust produced by the valley rafter under a heavy wind or snow load.

Is there a better way to support it?

The load is transferred to the outer load bearing wall. Randy mentioned his concern. I would think strapping it all together is the answer. Refer it to an engineer.


The 2x blocks are capable of holding up the vertical component of the load so only the horizontal component needs to be addressed. I would add a steel strap on both sides of the valley rafter lag bolted down to the top of the wall plates. With that said I would have to see the situation in person because roof framing performs as a system. Concentrating on fixing one problem may have an affect on another member. Also the size and length of the strap and the size and number of lag bolts would have to be determined. Plus you have to factor in the buyer or owner of the house. If the house is 10 years old and shows no signs this issues has produced any visible problem then a problem does not exist in their mind. Typically I find people are only interested in fixing a structural problem only after the problem becomes visible or a failure occurs.

Here are some better pictures. this is the front corner of the house above the post at the front corner of the porch.

I am not the inspector on this one but the repair man.

The first picture is looking at the front of the house with the side to the left
The second is looking at the side of the house with the front being to the right

The last picture is looking at the corner of the house from the outside (actually this is the other corner but they are both constructed the same)

I swear, I can’t remember in recent history meeting a “skilled tradesman” that actually knew how to cut a compound mitre joint! I tell you, when all the ‘old school’ guy’s are dead, we’re screwed!!!

Lousy carpentry trying to compensate for a lousy architect.

Wow! I swear to god, where are these carpenters coming from?
The valley rafter here is what should have gone full length to the corner and been supported by the wall. Then the common rafters of the two gables would have then tied into it naturally.
They framed the wrong components first and ended up in a mess.
The roofing valley is yet to be desired also.
Might not collapse, but absolutely defies any standard framing practices that I know of. :):wink:

Yes. Unless the hip was designed to bear on the corner and the carpentry is double-bad.
They could have posted down to bear on the corner.