Roof headwall flashing

What s the difference between apron flashing and headwall flashing. I inspection a house today with a new roof. My question is why don’t the installers recess the flashing top edge into the brick mortar joints. They have installed the flashing flat against the brick wall and caulked the top ?? This was the porch roof only, the rest of house was recessed into the brick.

Woodside-Nottingham 049.JPG

Woodside-Nottingham 042.JPG

Why do people do anything that they do? Who knows and, more importantly, who cares? It is what it is. Pretty simple - rest of house is right and porch roof isn’t.
Rememeber, we wouldn’t have anything to do if everyone was perfect and did everything right all the time :smiley:

I believe they are the same.

They are the same. The OP’s flashing is missing the counter flashing though. Continuous counter flashing doesn’t always have to be inserted into the mortar joint, as there are two types available. One has a sealant outward bend at the top.