Roof ice shield & other problems




roofing company
did a horrible unprofessional job for this homeowner, I was there in Oct 2021 and revisit the other day

• missing new drip edge
• missing ice shield
• missing H-clip on new sheathing
• roof is buckling / waving
• gutters are attached incorrectly
• roofer put a whole in fascia and soffit board
• one of the roofer put they foot through the ceiling of living
• loose shingles
• Electrical service-entrance cable and mat is not replace correctly

According to the homeowner the sheathing and the roofing shingles materials were dropped off on front driveway and the materials were never cover by a tap. The materials sat on her property for over 2 months before the roofer came to do the job

the only that the roofer fixed was the facia on the outside(bad job) and the whole in the living room but did not put any insulation back in.

my questions are :

  1. photo 1 I do not see an ice shield am I correct?
    2 )does anyone else see anything that I missed?
  2. any idea that I can suggest to the homeowner to do ?

P.S. this was a license roofer

Tough to tell on the ice/water shield.

Certainly an amateur job.

Looks like a roofer and an electrician will be necessary.

As far as advising your client, they should contact the AHJ if you are required to pull roof permits where this is.

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