Bad Roofer - The continuing saga

Doing a phased construction inspection for the cleint. The house is just down the street from me and I stop by often.

Last summer, the “roofer” (and I use that term loosely) was putting on the ice and water shield, but did so before the drip edge or fascia facing was on, so the shield just overhung the edge and adhered to the raw fascia board.

Then, the soffit guys came by (about 2 months later) and the fascia covering was 2" too short. They just taped it with tyvek tape. Here is what the did, and the result.




Ill bet they were giving each other high fives and made it home before 3!

Ice and water shield is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, and I see way too many contractors do it the wrong way, and think “…it’ll be fine.”

This house also has a number of problems, and it is not even done yet.

They called me, just today, and asked about some water coming into the basement over the sill plate.

The builder poured some concrete steps, for the rear patio sliding doors. Then another “idiot” covered these steps with paver bricks, to match the patio.

Note: The concrete steps are NOT mated to or part of the foundation wall (best practices) but were poured right up against the brick veneer (covering the weep wicks).

And, to make it all wonderful, the client is talking about me being at fault. I have prepared and sent to them 5 different reports, documenting all these problems BEFORE they were completed. The various subs (the client is acting as their own GC. STUPID!) talk to the client after they talk to me and just go along with the sub.

I don’t really care. I have well documented myself, from WAY back when it was still just plans, but they can’t seem to blame themselves for listening to the subs and not me.

I don’t care. I got paid (and very well!). Just frustrating.

They gotta blame sombody!!!

Come on Will you got big shoulders!!!

Wanted to give ya a greenie but the system wouldn’t let me :frowning:

I hope phase pays well ,for all that trouble.

I wonder if the lack of gutter is contibuting to the water issues.?

The stairs issue is interesting ,and would like to see more info on it and or pictures.