Roof Inpection

Is there a particular form I need for a roof certification and does it have to be done by a roofer, per se?

It might help to know what state you are in. If you are in Florida, a home inspector cannot do them.

Where are u from…here in ca you would have to have a c-39 and I use my own form…


A Florida home inspector can do them if you use the four point form.

A B License isn’t good enough

Can I oversee it with the home owner?

Do you have a link for the form?


Please go to the top of the page and click on control panel. Then click on edit your details. At the bottom of the page you can put in your location. Then it will show up in every post. It makes it much easier to answer questions when you have some.

Unless you have c-39…not going to happen…sorry!

may work on some, however most banks,title co ect ect will want you to be a lic roofer ie-c-39…

Citizens will not accept a 4 point in place of a roof certification, unless there is something that I do not know.

Home Inspectors cannot do a Citizens Roof Condition Form.

Have no fear I am here. If you cannot do them I will do them for you and we can both make a Buck. Just like the the Wind Mits used to be.

Greg thanks for reminding me I can still help out my fellow inspectors. :smiley:

They take a four point in place of a Roof Cert, if you are a licensed contractor.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I am not a licensed contractor.

Sorry…If it is a FHA/HUD type of loan then you do not need a C-39 according to HUD. However some underwriters will not accept that. I cannot find the exact # of the HUD letter but its there.