roof Inspection

I am looking for some information on a roof inspection I did last week.

This is a reroof and workmanship was very inferior. There are no drip flashing on the rakes and the roofer installed new drip flashing on front eaves over the old flashings and it is now raising the shingles on this edge. Shingles buckling? They also used silicone versus roofing tar and this is in globs. Please look at attached pictures and comment. I am also concerned with the use of silicone in Colorado. I am at a loss to describe this installation.

My comment would be to write what you see. You have pretty much written a good narrative already. I would recommend further evaluation and repair/replacement by a reputable roofing company. Silicone should not be used on the roof. The boot they used on the vent stack is not correct. A new book should have been installed so it fits snugly over the pipe.

Greg, thank you for your input.

Art E.