Roof Inspection?

Does anyone know if there Is a difference between a roof inspection and a roof certification?

Roof inspection as part of a home inspection is according to the Standards of Practice and can can exceed the Standards by however much you want it to. It is not a guaranty or warranty against future conditions.

Roof certification is an inspection that, if the roof is certified, is a statement by an inspector or contractor guaranteeing (under normal conditions) the roof against leakage for a specified time, 2 years, 5 years, whatever is specified by jurisdictional regulations, or by the contract between the inspector and customer.

Agreed, and I use a licensed roof company to do 90% of my roof inspections and they provide me with a report that includes the cost of repair if any and the cost to certify after repairs have been made.

Paul, have you always agreed with what they’ve found? The problem is, A home inspection is supposed to be a neutral third party inspection.

Nope, I have called them out on a few things over the years and they were always ready to come out and re-inspect if needed. They are also a neutral third party. The main company I use has reported both certifiable and non certifiable so I am good with that.

A roofing contractor is not a neutral third party. They have a financial interest in the outcome of the inspection.

Meaning that there have been some roofs that they have certified and some they have not?

Seems to me a conflict of interest.

Yeah, everyone has to make their own decision. Faced with a real high, steep, chopped up, expensive-to-repair-or-replace slate roof, I’d recommend a contractor (or maybe a roof consultant) inspection because I couldn’t inspect it effectively.

I wouldn’t have them all done by a roofing contractor, but it’s Paul’s business and decision.

LOL…I Give Up!!! And not only on this thread.