Roofers 5 year certificate

If an old roof is at or nearing the end of it’s useful life…What does it mean to try and have a roofer issue a 5 year certificate? Thanks in advance.

Chris, here it would mean that a Roofing Contractor would evaluate the roof in question and issue a written Roofing Certification guaranteeing the roof for 2 years.

Hi. Brian;

If guaranteed for 2 years, why do they call it a 5 year certificate.

Wouldn’t you think, there is alot of liability involved on providing such guarantee?

Is it unconditional or conditional?



Sorry or he conusion Marcel, here you get two year roof cert. And the roofer will not give it if thet think it will leak. Ao many times when you call for a roof cert the roofer will recomend repairs.

Thanks for the clarification.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Brian. this is new on me, maybe a regonal thing, but anyway, if they give a roof with 5 years left a 2 yr. cert., is the other 3 years pro rated or something? or is it 2 years is the lowest.?

The roofs here in Ga. are terrible, so a roofer would have be nuts to sell those warranties unless they get a high price for them. Curious to know what the roofers that give these warranties charge and what happens when/if they go out of business during the warranty period.

You are way out of line for lumping all roofers together and saying they are terrible.

Hey Mark. I didn’t lump them and say they are all terrible. I only said the roofs I see here in Ga. are terrible. I’ve been specializing in roofing for the past 18 years and constantly see a host of problems with builders roofs. Biggest problems are improperly nailed shingles, poor flashings, unsealed toe boards holes left everywhere, no ice and water shield in the valleys, poor ventilation etc. Every once and a while I’ll see a good roof, but when people buy a brand new house, it should have a good roof. It shouldn’t be a rarity to find a new house with a good roof.

If the roof is near the end of its’ life/ worn out, then I recommend the buyer have it replaced by a licensed roofer.
The 5 year certificate can give a buyer some peace of mind, but it does hinge on a roofing company to stand behind it if something leaks. I have seen some roofers issue certs on horrible roofs, and my opinion is that they probably aren’t worth the paper they are written on.
I am fairly certain these certs do not pay for consequential damage when a leak occurs, and it will only patch up a leak that does occur.
I try to advise the buyer of the risks on an old roof even with a 5 year cert.
Most often I have found when sellers know the roof is on its’ last leg they might get these to try to wiggle their way out of having to pay for a new roof at the time of sale. Guess I can’t blame them for trying.

Totally agree. Around here, the standard cert is for two years. They only cover the roof, not the contents.

I think the ideal roofing certification is only 2 years. Roof that is beyond 2 years should be replace. Roof from Georgia are not that bad. There is a great roofing comapany from Georgia you might be interested

Answer: Not much, If the roof is at or near the end of its life.

One home over and I am saying 5 Years easy, no wait a minute… 5 DAYS :roll: