Roof inspections utilizing a Drone

Am I missing something can you use a drone to do a roof inspection? I have seen some home inspectors advertising this as a service. I know the FAA fined a man shooting a commercial with a drone $10,000. , but it was over turned by the judge he said their was no law preventing the use of drones for commercial use. Here in Texas they do allow some fields to use the drone technology such as Real Estate brokers, but no mention of home inspectors. They have also said that everyone should wait until the FAA comes out with the rules for drones used for commercial purposes. The FAA was supposed to have these rules out in late 2015, but it looks more like 2017. I have even wrote a blog about this I would really want to use this drone technology if it’s legal to do so, but it does appear to be. I think this would be a great service especially on steep pitched roof,tile, or slate. Anyone that is using this drone knowing any information would be greatly appreciated.

I use a drone and the spectroscope primarily. I rarely get on a roof.