roof inspections

Ref fla inspector’s only … tampa bay area only ! …did anyone see channel 13 fox new in tampa fl. ref roof inspections which said we can’t do a good job of inspecting a roof from the ground …

I do not understand why that would be news.

That story was about the building dept not getting on the roof for final inspections, which they don’t. Not about home inspections.

Must be like a “drive by inspection” they are talking about ??

Found it…Is any consumer or Largo Home Inspector surprised by this…

Very few if any we dont go on. Was on a clay barrel tile roof today and didnt break one

Perfect example of why your should hire and independent roof consultant before you ever apply a roof covering. The Consultant can write the specifications, do a series of inspection during the different phases of the project and document with photos.

Happy Thanksgiving to all !