Roof problems- Help!

(Chris Misner) #1

I wanted to get some input on how this gets written up, besides the obvious. What else I should be looking for on the interior etc… I am learning to write reports and could use the help!

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(Eric Corder, WA #2231) #2

Looks like a roof in the Pacific Northwest, where we are. I write it up a Debris Present on Roof…which will hamper the water flow and increase the moisture levels in the roof covering. This can lead to moisture intrusion into the structure and shorten lifespan of the covering.

Look closely in the attic space to see if any moisture has migrated into the sheathing.

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(Chris Misner) #3

Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. On the inside of the house, the sheetrock on the ceiling in the living room appears to have black staining along the butt joints where they meet. Its probably 1-2’ long 1"-2" wide. I’m suspecting water intrusion through the sheathing under the shingles.

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(Michael R. Butts, Arkansas License HI-1780) #4

That looks like moss on the shingles to me but I’m not there. Moss can have a detrimental affect on asphalt shingles. If you haven’t done so you may want to take the Nachi Roof Inspection Course.

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(Eric Corder, WA #2231) #5

It’s definitely moss, which is like a sponge and holds on to moisture. I agree, the roof course is very helpful.

(Marcel Gratton, CMI) #6

not enough plumbing stacks :grin:

(Kenton Shepard, CMI) #7

Crevices created at the butts of shingle have retained moisture resulting in the growth of moss. Easily removed by pressure washing. LIMITED PRESSURE washing.

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(Ryan M. Fessler, HI10797) #8

This along with what Eric said. :+1:

(John Olson) #9

From the top down

(Larry W. Morrison, CMI) #10

True…it needs at least 3-4 more to be equal to that of The Mormon Tabernacle Organ.

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