roof protrusion

Is this a displaced ridge cap shingle(s)

Weather kept me on the ground (sorry Charlie)

234213 039 (Small).JPG

234213 041 (Small).JPG

That’s what it looks like from here.

Could be the missing cricket!

Funny, I enjoyed that thread!!

Wished I could help but Gary is the from the ground expert says he can see it all.

My guess would be ridge cap shingle also looks like a bunch of nail pops out on the field

The interior of the house had more stains I can remember.
Patched areas at visible roof coverings, stains at attic roof decking as well as replaced decking.

I think this is a certainteed shingle (30 year) on a 1999 house that may have a manufacturer defect.

Take a look at these pics.

To each his own on inspecting roofs, I will go on, but not today, high winds and lake affect snow. Was a B**** getting to site!!

234213 071 (Small).JPG

234213 038 (Small).JPG

I canceled mine today and should have went anyway forcasted 6 to 10 inches and it was rural, we ended up with about 2 inches and it melted roof would have been fine.

I don’t blame you for not going on that roof looked like ice I was born at night but not last night I like to kid around but take my safety on roofs very serious

I will walk a roof with snow on it but only if I feel I can do it safely. I find way to many problems. Most guys would disclaim this roof and I understand why. 12 year old home. I usually go up with a shovel or roof rake and do a sample inspection in different areas and I’m glad I did on this one.

  1. View of roof.
  2. Broken tab.
  3. Broken tab.
  4. Lack of adhesion
  5. No moisture barrier.

Interesting! I got my house roofing done by Roof Lines East Inc, Toronto and it looks perfect!