Roof Question

Is this a roll asphalt roof covered with a roofing sealant? The roof has poor drainage/cracking and appeared to be installed by Joe Hman.

I am trying to report the correct words for my report.



79606 S.Euclid 008 (Small).jpg

79606 S.Euclid 009 (Small).jpg

Looks like mopped/rolled on Asphalt Roof Emulsion.

Should have a reflective roof sealant on it, but it costs more than the emulsion.

The first photo indicates this flat section holds water and patched, and will have a higher propensity to leak. Budget for replacement.

The discharge of the downspout is poor and should be extended to the lower eaves. The area exhibits damage to the roofing material and if left unrepaired will result in leakage.

Oh…and it also looks like it needs to be replaced…:smiley:

Looks like 2 ply’s of hot mopped felt, with a flood coat. Doesn’t appear failing anywhere, no mention of leaking, flashing requires periodic maintenance, consider having a qualified roofing contractor evaluate.

Why would you recommend further investigation if the roof doesn’t appear to be failing and periodic maintenance of flashing is required and there are no leaks? If its a flood coat it would require ballast to protect from UV.


Who really cares what type of roof it is in this instance.

This type of roof has not been used for over 10 years, typically has a life expectancy of 10 – 12 years and therefore needs to be replaced in the very near future – now!

The photographs appear to support this generic approach

“Roof has reached the end of its function life and budget for replacement” in short.

I am sure the actual inspection findings on the inside and outside will support this also, from repairs, missing ballast, ponding, drainage, creasing, cracking etc. etc.!

These are the easy ones to report on!

Watch out for vinyl residing over original siding also. Looks like you have sme issues there also!


Looks like smooth torch grade modified bitumen on the flat and then they installed granulated 90 lb roll roofing on the steep roof coming down to it and tarred it where it joined. Obviously a poor installation from the wrinkles and tar. But just cause it’s ugly may not mean it’s leaking.

there are only 2 types of flat roofs and their coverings, those that leak, and those that are going to sometime in the future.