Roof Ridge - need advice

The roof shingles looked serviceable…

But roof ridges were cracked …look like they were
weathered…what would be the write up…


You basically said it…

Roof ridge shingle are cracked, weathered and damaged. Recommend replacement to prevent water entry and interior damage.

Your photo sucks, but looks like 30 year roof with 20 year ridge shingles.

Report the damage and recommend repair.

The roof covering has exceeded it’s intended purpose and needs to be replaced and roof sheathing needs to be repaired and new roof underlayment installed prior to the installation of the new roof shingles. :slight_smile:

You need to look at the other photos he did not post.

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Look at the photo bucket pic in larger size. Ridge shingles look defective to me. They do not look any older than the roof. They are the fancy ridge shingles. Thats why cutting 3 tabs works jsut as well.

Why not just report what you see?
Roof shingles appeared to be in servicable condition, but ridge cap shingles were falling apart or deteriorating. A roofer can review and correct as needed.

Those are not the same roof, unless they used two types of shingles. :slight_smile:

look again Juan… :smiley:
No one is going to recycle ridge caps

Either or, it sucks and needs repair.
The other pictures are even worse. :slight_smile:

It’s broke. Fix as needed. :wink:

Thanks Larry…I can copy and paste your verbiage.

Thanks everyone for the response…Got it !!!

Were these on a ridge vent as I don’t see any exhaust/roof vents?