Roof sheathing with a white coating to the attic side

Today’s inspection of a town house in the attic the roof sheathing has a white material attached to the attic side. I am fairly certain that it is a fire retardant substance. Several areas are failing and some of the sections of sheathing have been replaced with plywood without the coating. My question is how to report this for my repo


Not familiar with it. What’s the age? Looks like possible ACM.

Does look like ACM be careful with it. Needs to be tested by a lab for asbestos it looks like it might be friable. What is the age of house? Note at Edge is the fibers that are sticking out.

Built in 1989. So only 30 years. I have not come across this before.

Built in 1989

Not going to be ACM. Not familiar with it.

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Just report what you see. Say something like unknown material secured to roof sheeting, and leave it at that.



Yes not ACM if build in 1989

I’ve seen similar here in the Tampa area. In my cases there was a stamp with ht brand name…which escapes me at the moment. My research showed it to be a fiberglass based coating for fire protection. I think this was the stuff: