What is this?

I saw this stuff today in an attic. It covered maybe 1/3 of the plywood that was up there. No rhyme or reason to it. What is it and whats it for.

My best guess is some sort of insulation???

stuff (1).JPG

stuff (2).JPG

Possible asbestos what color was it and how old was the home

1994 and white.



Maybe a type of fire retardant. Was it separating the homes? Or just all over the center as well?


I was thinking that as well after I got home. I was only doing a wind mit. I know they had some type of firewall but do not remember what. It may have been block. It was up there all willie nillie not everywhere and not only in one place.

Maybe some great product of the hour that has flat out fell apart???

maybe something like this?

or this

Asbestos cement board? 1994 home?

It just doesn’t look like a coating to me from the pictures anyway. Looks almost like a wallboard from what I can tell from the pics.


1994 so I doubt asbestos.
Date confirmed by look, construction techniques and property appraiser office.

It does look like a coating to me based on the fibers. We used to put them in stucco and it looked similar. Very poor looking finish to come from the yard that way but I do not know.

Mike it almost looks like this…



I have seen that stuff "densglass"but did not know it was adheared to plywood. I thought it was a gyp type board.

It was very thin

Not likely if 1994

It is a fire retardant.

Thanks. Any idea why so willie nillie?

I am thinking replacement but apparently no one knows about it?

Usually you will find it on the decking within 4ft of a fire wall.

More pics