Townhome Re-roof

I know this ain’t right! Townhome inspection delayed a day so they could put a new roof on before I inspected. I get there and saw this. Straight cut through the shingles, roofing tar at the seam, no visible flashing and not woven to existing shingles. Does anyone know of any way that this is acceptable? The neighbors roof is 18 yrs. (if that makes a difference-too brittle for weaving?) Thanks for your insight.



Hell no lol

I know, not just the scariest, but the funniest I’ve seen yet. I can only guess that the seller said “I’ll get a new roof installed” -the roofer said “These shingles are more expensive, but the warranty lasts XX years” (without mentioning the difficulty/impossibility of matching dimensional to 3-tab) - the REA said “I’ve handled everything with the roof” -and the 25 YO buyer would be non the wiser.

That was permitted and passed in FL? ( not that, tht would make it ok)