Re a Roof is this correct?

Hi everyone I just would like to know that as a new training home inspector I came across this roof and I was saying this is not correct or are the roofs suppose to at any time look like this with the over lap?

and are the seems or edges suppose to look like that?

I say No

please elaborate for me.


I’m viewing this on my phone so I can’t see great detail but it does look rough.

It looks like someone threw down some rolled roofing the day before you got there, not knowing exactly what they were doing. I mead were they really using a scaffold pick as a ladder? :shock: :roll:

This doesn’t look right for a number of reasons. Very unprofessional installation. Will it shed water? Perhaps. It is hard to see the details in your picture.

Also, pay so much attention to the unprofessional roof covering that you miss other issues evident within the same picture. For example, did you remember to note the lack of apparent flashing where the two roof abut? Siding is supposed to be 1-2" off the roof surface to prevent absorption of water and the ensuing damage. It also appears that the shingles overshoot the gutter. Also, what is going on with door flashing on that wall?

Yep, must be a Professional Larry. ;):slight_smile:

Poorly constructed roof with insufficient flashing.

Missed the huge glob of roofing compound at the transition as well. Wonder if it ever leaked? You can point it all out but in the end your statement should be something like:
It is recommended that the roof be repaired by a licensed and certified roofing company.

Black goop used to seal the door installation. That’s imaginative.
Really need a better photo to comment on that roof.