Roof to wall connection from the outside

I’ve been doing wind mitigation inspections for 3 months now. My 2 biggest problems are 1st Getting better roof to wall connections when it is to far or steep to get to which I solved with a selfie stick. 2nd My current issue is when that isn’t an option. I don’t know how to properly find the roof to wall connection from the outside. I’m assuming I go through the soffit but unsure how to go about it without damaging any part of the home. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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I would never do this. I’ve done some where the homeowner has take the soffit out himself, but I would never start going through soffit just to get the picture. If you can’t see the roof to wall attachment because of the roof slope or you just simply can’t reach it just say so on the form and move on.

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If you cannot clear the area with your stick, there’s nothing else to do without causing possible damage.
No one would be happy if the soffit screen/area was damaged.


Here is what I use when I cant reach. This selfie stick goes 10’, and then I use a wifi camera attachment on the end, and I can see the image on my phone. I would never stick my phone on the stick and do this (you may lose it) . You may also need something to move the insulation out of the way. Bluetooth Long Selfie Stick- Super Length Lightweight Extendable Pole from 20’’ to 118 Built-in Wireless Remote Shutter Grip Holder Mount Compatible iPhone Samsung Android Cell Phone(Blue) : Cell Phones & Accessories Ullman - EDM1 Digital Mirror : Industrial & Scientific

I’ve taken a few soffits off to look for clips etc. Rare to be successful due to the clips being inside the roof structure in many places. so even if you take the soffit off you see nothing.

I have a decent torch and a camera with 10* optical zoom.

If you can’t see the clips, no attic. Access or similar.

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We do the same thing with a Doca Pole that extends to 30’ and a cheap Cannon WiFi camera remote-controlled from my iPhone. You can even use the Doca pole to push the insulation out of the way before you attach the camera. Granted, at 6’ to 7’ collapsed, it can be a bit cumbersome to get in the attic and maneuver in tight spaces.

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