Wind Mit on low slope roofs

My question is about performing a wind mitigation inspection. Suppose the roof slope is classified a low and there is no possible way to enter the attic to view if there are hurricane clips or straps. Also suppose that you cannot view if there are clips or straps from the attic entrance standing on a ladder. How do you
complete the wind mitigation inspection? The roof is a Gable.


G. No attic access.

There is attic access but they design of the trusses make it extremely to get to the end of the trusses unless you crawl on your stomach.

IF you can crawl on your stomach get a Selfie Stick and attach your phone. Reach over to get the pic. I use this one here and it works perfect with an iPhone 10. The remote button works perfect once bluetooth connected. I take a pic of the underside of the sheathing between connections so I don’t get confused which one is which.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Tripod, Remote 59Inch MFW Extendable Monopod with Tripod Stand for iPhone X/XS max/XR/XS/8/7/6/Plus,Tablet,Samsung S7/S8/S9,Android,GoPro Cameras

I use the end of the stick to pull any insulation away before attaching my phone… this means you may have to crawl a bit but it is A way… and it can be used in other areas as well for hard to reach/see places.

Good luck on future Wind Mits.

I carry a long painters pole with a hook on the end to move insulation.
Would that have worked for you?

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Great advise thank you

Not really because I would still have to crawl in my stomach but using a selfie stick would be a possible solution.

This is the way I look at them… Considering it’s a low slope roof the house is usually a smaller/older home. This means the connections are about 12’ over roughly for at least one wall. I only ‘shimmy’ my way up to where I’m laying on my belly with my knees just inside the access hole… maybe my ankles. If it’s that tight, I feel going this far to try to see the connections is MORE than acceptable! Ten minutes and done, but if the owner has NEVER done any upgrades and the era of the home is usually toe-nails then it’s a quick pic and done!

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Great answer, thank you. I like the quick pic and done concept.

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