Roof-to-wall Connection?

Your picture appears to be of an overhang, possibly over a porch or patio.
That isn’t a roof to wall connection.

Since you are in Dade county, you might want to ride along with a couple of inspectors to help you as you are fairly new to the business.

How do you get a picture of the rtw connection then as required by the form? :shock:

If you select A or B (HVHZ) for question 1, and can definitively show this, RTW and RDA are already built into that credit. The form now becomes a partial for roof shape, SWR, and opening protection.

I am well aware of what the insurance companies do, but, that isn’t our job.

How can you select a or b “built in compliance with”…without “verifying” anything? :shock:

Here is an example:
I inspected a home built in 2003 in Broward. For some unknown reason, several of the hurricane straps were never bent over or nailed.

With that knowledge, how can I mark A or B on question 1 as well as the rtw connection?

Obviously, someone went out and corrected it and I got new pictures, but assuming that something was done correctly, without even looking, in my opinion, is a disservice to all.

I would advise everyone against it.

I will NOT have that discussion with you.

The form is called a Wind Mitigation Verification form. So how are you doing that when you can’t see them. You assuming that they are there but cant verify. Fraud to me. I been in brand new homes that had a c.o. issued and not one strap was connected to a single truss over the garage area. Maybe a drive by inspector sign off but we are better then that.

Thanks. And what camera system are you using?

Cannon sx600hs with wifi on 10’ extendable selfie stick.

Not sure why the pic flipped upside down.

Thanks Larry! now it’s backwards :lol:

LOL!! Last one, Dave…you should really learn to do this.
It is simple…:D:p:mrgreen:

My offer stands. Call my office to arrange 305-759-4587