Home built 2007, no clips/straps? What are these?

Never seen these before, this home was built in 2007. I am leaning towards calling them a structural connection but they look custom cut. Anyone seen this before?

That plywood plate don’t appear to be a truss connection. There should be at least a clip behind that board what appears to be where the insulation butts to.
Can you look behind it with a mirror or were you able to see? otherwise it looks like epic fail.

None of those pics show a RTW connection. Those are site-built trusses with plywood gusset plates. Look behind the blocking or insulation for clips.

A picture of the peak might help. I have a suspicion.

And what would that be?

Show me a peak picture and I will tell you.

Kevin, trying to find clips on a 2007 house won’t do that much good anyway. Most of those credits are built into the FBC credit Q1. But, I really don’t know what an “unknown” selection for RTW would do to the overall discounts.

think manufactured home guys.

Go away if you’re not going to share. He is doing a WM and probably doesn’t have a photo of the peak inside the attic. But I am curious…

How many clues do you need?

Manufactured home, those bolts are what the rafters swing up on when the unit is delivered.

Didn’t see your response in time, but I think you meant modular home instead of manufactured. Could be, but down here clips are still required.

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I have never seen it either but would not call it a roof to wall connection unless I could see what ply was attached to from under??? Let us know what you decide.


In Florida even Modulars , manufactured , mobile etc have clips. If we see the peak we should see a double ridge beam right? don’t solve anything.

We seeing this before here Florida and you are right there is no RTW connection installed. This also means there is no uplift resistance in place. I would call it a Toe Nails system and provide supporting evidence showing what you found. Otherwise they may get a auto credit for RTW, just bc the house was built in 2007 which we have also seeing take place. We are trying to help the consumer but come on there is a line we just don’t go over. Good photos by the way. Keep up the good work!

No photos of the peak, didn’t grab any. It is not a manufactured home, it was a 2 story home in Tampa. There really was no room behind the plates or further out to get any other photos. You guys are seeing what I could see in the attic.

It shouldn’t matter Kevin, if built to FBC, they get a giant built to FBC credit and those q’s are nulled, would still need the mit to get SWR, Hip roof, shutter credits.

That’s def a two story home but kinda looks like a Modular pre fab hauled in in sections and put on a stem wall.

Could be a modular, but that is irrelevant. Kevin, there IS at least clips there, you just didn’t find them. Modulars are built to the same codes as site built.