Wind Mit Question

Truss to wall connection is a standard H5 style clip on a frame wall. One clip on each side of the truss. TWO nails in each clip.
I say toenail for the 1802.
Can anyone confirm or disprove may claim?

2 nails in each clip so as per 1802 toe-nail :frowning:

It does not ave any other possibilities like the roof deck attachment “total uplift capacity”

falls under the check boxes that say to be B, C or D must have 3 nails to be any of those choices.

See…I’d be good at this compiling and quality accuracy control thing :slight_smile:

Anyone that wants the above services in red call me and we will work something out.

I am house bound and need the work. Heck I would rather do that than the inspections anyhow if I can do enough to make a living :slight_smile:

Toe nail…for now.

I brought this up with a rep from Simpson and there was discussion of this being rated as a clip or possibly a single wrap as per the uplift ratings. Maybe next form…

Thanks for the conformation. He’ll add a third nail, then I’ll amend the report.

Too funny. Thanks for the conformation. BTW, I applaud your ingenuity in finding ways for income while out of commission. Let me know if you need help with anything while you’re down.

Here is the reply I got:

I’ve got to pay the bills and I am the sole bread winner.

Just found out the little one is going to need orthodontist work and my Doctor thinks I should fix the arthritis in my big toe while I am in the cast and cannot move.

It sucks. First of the year is here so now everything has to reach the deductible prior to the insurance help, $2,500 per person. No dental plan anyhow. Wife with preexisting condition. I pay about $16,000 a year in insurance for a family of 3.

Times are sure rough. When new construction was booming I lived the life :slight_smile:

I sure am glad I paid off my house or I would really be screwed.

God won’t put more on any of His people than we can handle. I hope He’s not giving you someone else’s portion. :mrgreen:

I’ve been getting my whole neighborhood portion since about 2007.

It sucks. Make me wonder about the whole karma thing.

You won’t find nobody in the last 25 years that’s got anything to say bad " except around here " about me or that I would not give the shirt off my back to help someone else. I 've provided 100’s of jobs for folks treated them great and always been honest and if it was not for bad luck I would not have any luck at all.

Oh well I do have a great wife and wonderful daughter :slight_smile: They are what keeps me around.