Roof vent pipe crimped shut

Anyone have thoughts on this? It’s a vent pipe on the roof that appears to have been crimped shut. Any thoughts on why it would be crimped closed, and what would you say / recommend in the report?

It’s probably abandoned, but you’d need to follow it down to see. If you couldn’t tell, describe it and recommend a plumber.

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Hi, Steve.
Write what you see.
Plumbing soil stack termination flashing crimped. Location: Rear Roof.
A: Request disclosure as to the reason for the crimped soil stack flashing prior purchase.
B: Recommend a licensed plumbing contractor assess the crimped soil stack flashing prior purchase.
Act upon recommendations and referrals therein.


Steven. What did you observe in the attic. Was there a soil stack terminating in the soil stack roof flashing?

It was completely obstructed from view, as that area of the home was not accessible from the attic.

Well then you know what you need to do…just write what you saw, why it’s an issue, and what should be done.

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I’m not sure that it is a plumbing vent stack. At least to me it looks like it is protruding perpendicular to the angle of the roof and not going strait up. I downloaded the pic and zoomed in but still can’t tell if it is plastic or metal… almost looks like it was melted shut.

So I’m going to refer to those Three Little Works that are most difficult for a man to say…I Don’t Know…

It looks like a copper pipe crimped and soldered and most likely cut off in the attic that is why it is not standing plumb. they did not want to remove it and repair the roof.

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Looks like lead flashing to me.

From the photo it looks completely closed off.
If you were able to verify that it was in fact entirely sealed I’d see it as less of a concern and describe it as an abandoned pipe termination and recommend consulting the seller for additional info or licensed professional to check it out.

It’s a lead flashing that has been improperly installed. It makes no difference why it has been “closed off”. Further evaluation by a licensed plumbing contractor.

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