What this is on roof

Perma boot flashing. Used to repair stack flashing that have a deteriorated gasket. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Perma-Boot-2-in-x-15-in-Plastic-Vent-and-Pipe-Flashing/1000172177

It also doesn’t look correct - the Permaboot comes in 3 parts. The base, the vertical portion, and a sleeve that fits over the vertical portion to lock in place. The Permaboot is sold in various sizes to fit correctly over the vent stack pipe.

The large gap between the Permaboot and the PVC pipe, along with the unknown black disk on top of the PVC looks like it may be too large of a Permaboot for the size of the vent stack and/or not installed correctly.

Also it appears there has been a fastener driven through the front as well. I’d double check the manufacturer’s instructions on that fastener use/placement.

Do you have any other photos?

Morning, Wan, Hope this post finds you well.
Describe the home. Ranch, Single story on slab, Bungalow, 2.5 story home. …

Then consider describe the components you observed.
1: Roof. 2: Plumbing.

Observation: Sloped roof.
Plumbing vent termination flashing improperly installed.
Recommend: A licensed roofing contractor repair/replace the vent stack flashing on the plumbing vent termination.

Plumbing. What did you observed while you were in the attic. Was this a branch vent for a additional water closest, lavatory or bathroom, or was this termination the main plumbing vent termination?

Good luck with all your endeavors.

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That is the 1.5-2 inch adapter that goes into the vent and over the rest of the boot. The vent may penetrate the roof too much for the boot. The op’s picture shows an improper installation as you have stated.

Thank you all guys. Very helpful. This roof was replaced within 6 months ago. Just only roof material. The other 3 plumbing stacks are silicone caulked on the neoprene at the opposite side of the roof. The roof installer needs more details.
Anyway thank you again all guys. Keep Safe.