Roof vent placement over rafter

I found this on a recent inspection. Looks like a roofer (or homeowner) decided this was a good place for a vent. No indication of water penetration was observed, I haven’t found any documentation that its a defect. I noted it in the report advising monitoring and repair if water penetration should appear. Any help on comments would be appreciated.

seen often on new construction in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market
roofers or some other trade install vents/jacks after shingles have been installed
blades are expensive & sawing on some of these steep slopes is very dangerous probably taught to do it this way
dragging a saw, extension cord & misc tools is labor intensive for many
easier for some to hack the osb to fit the vent

doubtful it will diminish air flow enough to have any great negative effect

That is a very common location for a roof vent. It is not a defect.

If the vent wasn’t over a rafter, would you have said monitor for leaks? Flashing is what determines leaks, and if that was OK I wouldn’t have said that.

The ventilation is restricted because of the rafter, but if there are others that compensate, it should be OK.

What kind of saw makes that good a cut. I want one. LOL
Kidding aside, I agree with Joe.

You probably already have one, it’s called a hammer.

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.