Roof vent

Does anyone know what this type of vent is for?

First photo of smaller one is a attic or crawl area of building used on flat roofs, you may not have access to attic area,
2nd one looks like it may be for a central building type for bathrooms or kitchens, is it power type? is the a condo building?

It’s a breather vent.

what David said very common on flat roofs with TPO, PVC or EPDM roofing.

Thanks David, the link you provided pretty much answers that!

:shock: Buy 2 or more and pay $452.81 each (save 25.00%) :shock: A little pricey…

Because they know that anyone with a flat roof is usually a business who can afford a simple vent.

product: portals plus #71028 aluminum one-way breather vents. 25/case. Price/case.