Roof Vent Identification Help Needed

Hi All -
Was hoping some of you have seen this type of vent previously as it’s my first time seeing it installed

Had no luck googling or perusing the forum.
Here are some details on the home/vent:

House constructed in 1923, roof was replaced 2 years ago. Does have a whole house fan, but has zero access to the attic space, so I’m not able to see the underside of these vents.
There were 3 of these on the roof, less than a foot from the ridge of the roof.
Attic had gable vents as well as several box vents along opposite side of the roof from these.
No mfg or serial numbers to be seen on them.

Ideas? Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction!



You the man Ryan - Thanks!!!


@ruecker has it but I would like to expand on the topic. The photo appears to be a breather vent which does not vent the building but rather the space between membrane and the decking. I hope this helps someone out.