Roof geometry question

Should this dutch hip be included in the dimensions of the gable portion for roof geometry? Thanks

120209 2364 N Watersedge Dr, CR - Wind, 4PT 058.jpg

120209 2364 N Watersedge Dr, CR - Wind, 4PT 058.jpg

yes sir

Yes it is

That looks to be a gable end on the other side and I am assuming there is a matching one on the side we can’t see.

Marshall says, “non-hip”.

You only need to do calculations if you are marking hip.

Am I right John?

No, the orginal home is all hip with 3 small dutch hips. what you see in the back is a rear addition that is a gable. Thanks all

But very good eye Eric

Do any of you put the total feet when it is all hip?
I put 0 non hip an n/a for total roof system perimeter feet. I am not measuring when i do not have to.

One suggestion, do not name your pictures the address of the property.
You can edit that with the advanced editing feature.

I only measure it if it is close to being a hip with non-hip features.

If it is 100% hip I do not measure, I mark 100%.

If it is “other”, I do not measure, unless it is close and there may be a discussion later.

This the house?


Who hooo. People agree with me on something :slight_smile:

I am glad I am not the only one who does not measure 100% hips.

Why would you?
If the agent can’t tell from the pictures, I’d hang up!:stuck_out_tongue:

Eric, thanks, I saw the address after sending and only then realized. Just so we are all on the same page; the original portion of the home is all hip with 3 small dutch hips (1’ in ht and approx. 10 in length), the newer rear addition is a 24’ gable. By measuring just the 24’ gable; it would be less than 10% and qualify as hip but including the 3 dutch hips, it would be over 10%.

Yes it is other based on the photo you provided of the front. Personally, I think it sucks, due to the stupidity of the morons that wrote this version of the forms all the science that went into the devlopment has gone awry. A gable 1’ high poses no threat of uplift or collapse. Why would it affect the calculation? Any gable under 4’ in height was determined by forensic study after hurricane Andrew to be insignificant to the structure as a consideration for reinforcement or a concern for wind resistant collapse.

I am guessing you mean 10’ total in length for the dutch hips.
That gives you 34’ so you would need 341 feet total perimeter. That would give you 9.97%

Sounds like it is time to break out the Scotch!!

As I told John the other night, I think their play is to satisfy some for now with the 10% nonsense and then eventually, it will either be 100% hip or “pyramid” as my young son says, or non-hip.

Brian, I agree. Eric, yes, correct and the total perimeter is 263, so non hip it is. Thanks all

At what bar/happy hour was the magical 10% determined to define a roof’s shape??? This is all Bull s…

I don’t know…but, it is what it is.

It is the insurance companies way of giving back. Since if you have a flat roof, you are anon-hip 90% of the time, they must have figured, that the 10% was a good number to even things out.:mrgreen:

The real reason is in the study.