wind mitigation roof geometry

I have a building with a small dutch hip on each quad of the hip roof, when calculation if the geometry is hip or other is it still 10% of the total linerar footage ?

I say the rules do not change, at least that is how I would do it.

Then why don’t you explain how you would do it, Mike? I also want to hear how other inspectors treat Dutch gables on a hip roof.

length of the non-hip features(bottom cord) divided by the perimeter.

Anyone ever check the attic to see if the Dutch hip section was scabbed or integral?

There John did it for me. I was at the beach. I likely could estimate whether it even needed measuring. I rarely ever have to measure. When I do I almost always take measurements from the property appraisers site.

I take lots of pict to compare when I do compute it though.

Irrelevant, the form does not address it.

All forms 2007, 2010, and 2012 have always said “any” other shape which includes the gable of a Dutch hip.
Anything other than hip you will need to calculate it in. If it’s attached to the roof it will catch wind.
The re-inspectors will always count it.

That’s like a garage converted to a living space. Still has a garage door glazed or non glazed, impact or non impact.

Does anybody include roof sketches with their report for roof shapes between 90 - 100% Hip, or requested to do so from the carrier if not 100% Hip? Re-inspectors are required to provide roof sketches for ALL roofs, no matter what the shape.

Hell no Never Once. Sometimes if I measure from property appraisers site I include that image.

Never ever had and issue and have never been asked for one.

I am not an artist :slight_smile:

Do you have any 90.5 % hip reports? Somebody is going to question those. You can add your shape designations directly on the appraiser’s footprint drawing, that is what I do (I don’t do a cad drawing, but some do). I also include the calculation and final determination of the shape. It is quite easy, and include the sketch for shapes over 90% hip for the carrier, and between 80 - 90% for the client.

I just fill out the form. No problems yet.

If a roof is really close to the 10% rule, I will include the picture. But I download it off of google earth. It also has the advantage of a built in measuring tool, so you can double check all measurements. (When you use the appraisers website the numbers are for the building not the roof, so there can be a significant difference to the overall numbers.) I make the snip into a pdf, and just add all the numbers right on top. No need to draw anything and only takes a few minutes!

I use google earth too for mostly multifamily buildings. You’re right the appraiser drawing will not show the roof layout but it has the exterior wall dimensions already there…a lot more precise than google dimension tool. You would have to estimate or actually measure the bottom chord on dutch gables though, and add the overhangs in on the hip and flat roof lines.

I do estimate quite a bit. I like to think pretty accurately. If it comes up real close and not in favor of client I will measure even if I have to go on roof to do so. Has not happened yet.

If the numbers can be questioned we do measure and sketch. We may use the property appraiser’s site as a guide but check/change measurements as needed.

I measure the roof line at the property in some instances where it may be a question. The appraisers site is only for the foundation it does not include the extra 18 inches per side for the roof far I have only had two homes I actually had to measure one of them being my own. Fortunately my form automatically calculates the percentage of non hip vs hip in this situation.

I include a sketch when close as well. Don’t like to have to respond to any questions regarding the report because of lack of information. Include as much as possible so there’s no questions asked is what I typically do.