So much for being careful. Roof is only about 2 years old and it looks like the chimney’s been disconnected the whole time. Vacant house where the furnace was only back on for the last three days. All roof sheathing was wet. The gable ends were coated in ice. Proof that water is a byproduct of burning natural gas.




They do that alot. Good fine!!

Usually I find it with bathroom vents, chimney on older natural gas appliances is a little more dangerous. Since there is no flex in the chimney now someone will have to remove the boot and upper portion on the roof to reconnect it to the main portion of the chimney!

Don’t know what part of the world you reside in but my world chimney is referred to with fireplaces and gas appliances have flue pipe vents:D:D

As far as I know you’re absolutely right.:slight_smile: The difficulty here in my part of MI is that most of the homes are old and have masonry “chimneys” for the gas appliances. The result is that most people refer to what’s pictured here as a metal chimney.


We have the same problems with roofers here they knock the vents loose and never put them back will kill someone one day and then try to blame someone else I just had one this last week been that way since the new roof shingles were installed

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