Roofing felt and ice & water shield

My first post here.
Is there a way to know if a roof has felt paper and/or ice & water shield without damaging some shingles by peeling them?



Ice and water shield will be visible at the perimeter of the roof (if it is there) just lift up shingles around the edge for its presence. The same goes for valleys. Easy to see if the house has drip edge installed> Same goes for Tar paper (if used).
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Thank you for your reply.
Sometimes the roofing felt or the ice & water shield are covered with shingles that overhang the roof too much and if one tries to lift them, they crack which turns the inspection into a destructive inspection.
I wonder if there is an electronic device that will allow me to verify the existance or lack theroff of the above.


Roofing paper could be visible from the attic at the vents. Ice& Water may only be visible at the bottom edge and should be under the drip edge. This time of year up there the shingles will be brittle if even visible so you may not be able to verify.

Some roofers seem to short the edges with the felt around here. Why, I fon’t know, but your correct. Look in the attic at the ridge for traces fo paper.

Inspect it at the “rake” of the roof. Much easier and less chance of damage. If a Hip roof, you just need to be easy with it. Try a few different locations. You are bound to find a loose area.

Thank you Sean and Jeffrey.