Rookie Looking To Ride Along

I’m new and looking to ride along with someone to learn the ropes. Would be willing to pay and appreciate the opportunity. Locations could be anywhere in the CA Bay Area or the Central Valley.
Thanks, Jim

No luck, Jim?

No luck yet, probably the Holiday

Where are you located at? Are you looking to work for someone or are starting up a business of your own?

Located in Stockton, start my own business.



You may have to request ride-alongs in areas that you won’t be doing business in, as many HI’s don’t want to train their future competition.

Check your private messages. You were offered an opportunity in the other (duplicate) thread you started. . .

I would like to thank Greg Scheer and Paul Pendley for taking me on a ride along inspection. Both Greg and Paul spent quality time with me, not in a hurry, explained things in detail, and I learned from them.

    THANKS Greg and Paul

Thanks for the Kudos Jim…Hope that all is well and you are still learning. As I said during the inspection, education is the key…For both you as an inspector and the education that you pass on to your clients about their potential property.


"Brothers helping brothers compete against brothers"

Try telling them that.