Rookie Looking To Ride Along

I’m new and looking to ride along with someone to learn the ropes. Would be willing to pay and appreciate the opportunity. Locations could be anywhere in the CA Bay Area or the Central Valley.
Thanks, Jim

Jim wish I could help you. I’m in St. Louis and if it wasn’t for the CMI who helped me I wouldn’t be half the inspector I am today. Learned a ton. Not sure if your in his area however you might want to look up Russel Ray. Great inspector. Website is!

Russel Ray is in San Diego. I’m in the LA area, but sent you a private message to call me, and I’ll get you lined up with one of California’s premier inspectors.

You do not want to pass this up Jim… These folks are top of the line…


I have offered ride a longs in the past with no takers…I have 2 this week that I think you could benefit from. Call me tomorrow and I can give you the details. Both are in Stockton if you are interested.

Man I wish I had that here in Okieville. Seems most (not all) of the inspectors here are very competitive. Its always good to have someone take you under their wing. I try to use everyone here and at Home Inspector Pro Software as my mentors. I do manage to learn a lot! :wink:


I hope that our phone conversation was educational, and I look forward to you being at the inspection on Monday.

Hi Paul

I will call you this weekend for address and time, looking forward to Monday inspection.

thanks Jim

Good Luck Jim…It was great having you out there to show you the ropes of my prospective of the business. I hope that you got some good information from the inspection and your construction knowledge will help you to become a good inspector, but also takes more education. If you want to go above and beyond what your knowledge and your skills are currently as we all are…Stay tuned to and your skills and knowledge will excel. Great things happen when knowledge is shared. I hope that my sharing of home inspection business knowledge has helped. My offer still stands to anyone in my area of a free ride along.