Room Addition

The home owner put a new roof on and added a room. The new room sits on the old porch slab.







I hate those kinds of inspections. As soon as I drive up I usually mutter to myself…What the hell were they thinking when they did that?

And he had a copy of the permit and C/O right.:smiley:

Any leaks? Only when it rains, like around that vent stack with no flashing??
If it’s built sitting on the patio, maybe hurricane season will cure all the problems.

The skylights are suspect too for the roof pitch, isn’t there supposed to be 4" curb for a low pitch roof like that one?

how about the fact that he used shingles for the flat roof. That addition is a disaster.

Hi. Greg;

The first and second picture is one Building and the house in the background of the first picture is the third picture.
Which one were you inspecting?

In either case, they both look like diasters. ha ha. Was a double underlayment barrier installed on that low pitch roof? It might leak. ha. ha.:slight_smile: :wink:


I was inspecting the house in the first picture. The inspection only lasted about 30 minutes. The buyer said that was all he needed to know after he heard of the problems with the room addition.

The seller put the new roof on. They nailed 1x4 to the aluminum fascia so that they could add a new drip edge. They didn’t want to remove the old shingles first.

There were water stains all around the skylights on the inside of the room. I told the buyer that it would be best to just tear down the addition and start over.

Good call Greg, whoever was doing the work was just helping the house committ suicide anyways. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Any time you see that “double gable”, “flat valley” situation is an expense waiting to happen.