Root Damage?

I have posted pics on the Homegauge website. the
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My client wants to know if the large trees could be causing the structural damage. The cracks on the front exterior have been tuckpointed. There is a crack behind the crawlspace on an interior basement wall, that leads to many floor cracks. Around every visible basement wall there is cracking. 2 grade stakes were found level with the concrete but never removed. This leads me to believe the floor was done or redone by amatuers. When I jumped on the carpeted floor on the finished side, it felt and sounded hollow underneath. Most mortar on the exterior of the house was very soft, and could be scratched right out with a screwdriver. I’m gonna refer it on, to a SE there is more damage than shown.

What do you think?
What do you think about the floor cracking around all the basement walls?

Thanks, Steve

DSCF0169 (Small).JPG

Roots can do alot of damage .Comments are difficult without being on site.I will comment on the slab though.It looks like the floor was poured level to the footing instead of at least 4" above the footing as it should be.
I know this is not much help. Just an observation.


HI Steve!

From what I could see from your photos this house has some MAJOR structural issues.

The problems ARE NOT localized but extend around the perimeter of the home. Since all four walls and the concrete slab is involved this leads me to believe that the concrete footings and foundation were poured by rank amateurs.

I would expect that a Structural Engineer will find some MAJOR issues at this location.

Good luck, and I hope that you covered yourself with a strenuous recommendation that this house be inspected by an SE as soon as possible.

>Certainly well before closing or escrow.<

Thanks Cheremie and Frank,

I reported the defects, my opinions, and stated in at least 3 places to get a SE opinion before closing.


Good points!

Any coal mining in this area?

I do not think yours is root caused

We did a structer inspection today and it was a lot like this .
I brought in an outside expert .
His feeling ( confirmation test drilled holes required ) ( and SE report) ( $500:00 ) (credit for the $500:00 if they do the job) was that possible they did not go down to firm ground for the footings possible too shallow.
He expected the fix could cost $3,000:00 per drilled down to bed rock and reenforced concret for each pier every 6 to 8 feet times 12 + $36,000:00 other incedentials could be $50,000:00+or- Client wondered about having a room under the Garage another $20,000:00 =or-.
This was the rear of the home . The front looks like it is headed in the same direction .
Waiting to hear from my client he is on the road 2,000 miles away .
Will post his thoughts when we talk . Roy Cooke

That’s a classic photo of the results of differential settling.

Hi. Steve, I know that this is water over the dam by now, but would like to offer some of my opinions like everyone has. ha. ha.

Pic. #'s

  1. Trees are big and one looks close enough to seek water and damage the block foundation.

2,3,4,5 Definitely indicate movement.

6.Weak mortar, or frozen mortar. In your case if it was soft and powder like, chances are it was installed under freezing conditions.

7,8 Hydrostatic pressure cracks.

  1. stains indicate same as 7 and 8.

  2. Full block course at the bottom of the wall, and I agree with Cheremie for picking that up. Good pick-up Cheremie

11 Helped in relieving the slab and providing more cracks. Good call.

12 Obvious movement.

14 Floor to footing pour. No doubt in my mind.

I would definitely have recommended a SE along with a Geotechnical Engineer, because this place has issues.

Roots of the problem are not necessarily the trees either.

I think at the end of the report I would have suggested that the client find:

                       [FONT=Arial Black] Help[/FONT]

Ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: