Rot or not

Non affiliated HI in the Panhandle told a realtor that HI’s were being fined for calling out wood rot in home inspection reports. Something about HI’s not being WDO qualified. The realtor passed it on to me and I think it is BS. Any word on such actions by DBPR?

I call out wood rot on almost every side garage door and frame I see. I don’t call it “wood decaying fungus”, just wood rot.

I guess if we aren’t supposed to, we can just call it damaged wood that looks like sh**.:smiley:

I don’t need to be WDO qualified to know what wood rot is and looks like!

Here is another area where licensed home inspectors need to work with legislators… There is no reason that home inspectors shouldn’t be able to inspect for WDO, they should license pest-co applicators separate from inspectors. Just my biased opinion of course. :smiley:

That’s a good point Joe. Home inspectors can’t state the obvious.
We cannot state a correct observation in fear of infringing on another trade’s license.
Could we not state a condition, but be wrong about the cause?

The doorframe in the garage has been damaged by elephants they have eaten it almost completely away; recommend a pest control specialist to further evaluate.