WDO and Mold questions on the InterNACHI State Exam (and on notes the exam in general)

So I had made a thread under the Inspection Education topics section because I was concerned about the warning I got when I scheduled my proctored exam (Just to clarify, the InterNACHI exam purchased through inspectoroutlet.com). I just thought I’d post an update in case the info will be helpful to anyone.

When they called me to schedule they told me that in the past the exam had not featured these sections but the exam would be containing questions about mold and wood-destroying organisms, so I should make sure I study those sections. I was a little freaked out since those areas weren’t covered in the pre-licensing course and was asking advice for what to study. In fairness I noticed that the study guide did indicate that WDO material would be on there, I just wasn’t sure what to study.

Anyway I took the exam on 07/07 and while I found it to be pretty difficult compared to what I was studying, I passed with a 91. There wasn’t really much questions about mold on the exam, just a few. There were definitely some WDO questions but nothing too complex, as long as you run through the quizzes in the WDO course anyone taking it should be fine.

The reason I found it to be difficult is that I was primarily practicing through taking the InterNACHI practice exam repeatedly (I took it over 7 times and was passing it consistently with a 98% at the end), and studying the quizzes and final exam questions from each section. I think I was expecting it to be almost identical to the practice exam, when in actuality it was almost entirely original questions. So you definitely need to understand concepts.

Just wanted to put that out there in case anyone finds it helpful.