Roys Radio show

I did my Radio one hour show on Tuesday 10:00 AM .
It had the usual Calls asking questions and it when very well as per normal

Then An interesting call to the radio call in show listed below I recognized his voice
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .
. Lorne is the moderator the Caller is Richard and me

Lorne …
Now lets go to Richard in Frankford,
Richard you are on CJBQ.
Yeah well Hy Roy
Good day Richard
What can you tell me this um that CMHC is pushing on there web site for Home Inspectors
Long Pause---------Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh this is
Did we record that sigh we could use it later for another time.
This a sore spot with me I a not pleased with it all.
We can not get any information at all.
We can not get any information and the two gentleman running this refuse to
answer any questions and CMHC is feeding this with my funds and your funds and they are only feeding to a small group of Home Inspectors across Canada.
Its, I feel its Biased not fair at all.
Yeah but don’t you think we need something like this to make sure home inspectors are property educated and
CMHC is trying to regulate Home Inspectors
Well they are trying to help support, Do I want to see regulation ,I do not think it would be a bad thing but [size=1]I think it should be regulation across the board for everybody not just a small select group this is what makes me [/size]very nervous and there is no information.
We can not get any information at all so there is no way I think any one should go into this blind with out knowing the eventual outcome .
Oh! so its very confusing I am … if you want to get into Home Inspection you hear one thing from one person then something from some one else ,oh…where would be the first place to start.
You are a home Inspector now are you .
Richard .
… Yes I am.
Yes so do you belong to OAHI or NACHI
I belong to reputable associations ASHI,CAHPI, and OAHI.
yes I have belonged to both these associations and they can be very reputable,
but they do have some difficulties and they are the first to admit it and there is a real cancer in that Association, I am sure you know about that and it is unfortunate we can not get the information out to every body instead of a very select few getting the information like 20% of Ontario home Inspectors know about it and the other 80% can’t get an answer at all.
Now what % of Home Inspectors in Canada belong to CAHPI is that the largest number or is it minor
I think it is about… The figures I can get from Bill Mullen was the Chair he is about ,
You know who Bill Mullen quite well the figures he gives is about 15% in Canada belong to CAHPI.
But what I am asking . What I want to know how can the public protect them selves by knowing which Home Inspector to hire.
Unfortunately there is no way they can do it now . Example I did a home yesterday that belongs to one of the associations and he missed many many many things, From asbestos, wood shaving ,to wood Wool, to saw dust . These where all inside the attic in the attic to Knob and tube. and this is some one who has been doing inspections for quite a while and he missed all these things .
Well thank you very much .

And we went to commercial

I looked on the OAHI web site and they have no Home inspectors listed in this area.
I feel it was Richard Huchings who was a NACHi member and still has the NACHI house on his advertising . He phoned me up a year ago when I was on the radio and asked questions then.

Richard sounds like a real novice, possibly brainwashed and brain dead. :slight_smile:

No idea how many inspections he has done .
Gil Strachan had been taking him out on Training .
I see he is like Gil and gives his Wett inspections for free.
I expect because he is not listed by OAHI .
I believe the list all Applicant Members so I guess he is still a student .
I understand OAHI students are allowed to do inspections with out having taken any exam .
We all Know NACHI has the most stringent qualifications in the world they have to have passed the NACHI exam before they do inspections .
We all know NACHI by far has the best training for home inspectors much for free.
It would be nice to know how many go to the CAHPI conference considering the very high cost I expect they might be lucky to get about 10% of the amount that attended the NACHI Toronto conference.
It was too bad CAHI Refused to allow NACHI to have a booth as this I am sure could have doubled the attendance this week end.

That’s good stuff, Roy. I have contacted the station and requested either a transcript or a recording of the show.

Bill Mullen

How about some notice next time Roy? I wuld have called in some real questions for you.

Posted on The NACHI site a couple of Times sorry You did not see it .
… Cookie

I have a copy if you can give me a legitimate reason why you should have a copy I will send you one .
I hoped You notice I did not mention that it was A OAHI inspector who missed all those things and did not mention the Name of the Inspector.
… Cookie
Would you like to know who he is ???


**When someone finds out the answer can you let me know?

Nachi promoter Mr. Roy Cooke Sr.100_5335.JPG

Thanks Ray as per usuall had a lot of great calls .
I have had a couple so far of listerners who could not get through send me email asking questions and One who told me how much he loved this show and how it is so needed. and thanking me for doing it .
This also gives me a chance to promote NACHI and tell how great and helpfull all the Inspectors are
I really enjoy the questions and it goes by so fast.
… Cookie

Roy your radio show is priceless. You can’t get any better advertising. Think how many people you are reaching out to.

Good on ya.

Continued success.

Looks good to me Roy, and I do not answer any old crap!


Three more phone calls wanting help with their home .
Bill still has not said why he would be so interested in wanting a copy of my Radio show .
I have many hours of past shows , he could listen to and see what is said.
I always get a small plug in why it is so important to use a NACHI home inspector.
… Cookie