Radio Show

Again I have been invited to be on the longest phone in radio show in Canada for two hours .
This has gone over exceptionally well for the last few years .
Thursday April 6th on CJBQ in Belleville Ont 800 on the AM dial .


Good on ya. Congratulations. Two hours long? I hope they give you a bathroom break!? :wink:

To bad I can not receive the signal here, all I get is static. But I am use to static! :slight_smile:

Good for you Roy. If anyone can talk for two hours I know you can :D. I know you’ll provide a positive image and helpful incites to all those whose listen. I wish I could hear it also. Like Ray, I don’t get the signal here.

Are you going to tape it? …:-k…maybe in light of recent events that’s not such a good idea. :wink:

Roy I bet you are going to see how many times you can mention the NACHI name, right?

What time Roy? I think my old Telefunken receiver will pull you in.

9:00 am till 11:00 800 April 6th . Thanks Geo ( Sorry I did not get a chance to Talk . every one seemed to want more info from me )
I really enjoy all the good calls we get some great questions and very informative.
I even enjoy the calls I get from a couple of ex NACHI members , they just can not stay away . The other Association has lost most of there members in this area . Lots of great Successful Nachi members here and more comming.

NACHI ROCKS. Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI Member

Don’t forget the subliminal advertising for NACHI. Tell the listners to take a pen and a piece of paper. Tell them to write IHCAN on a piece of paper. Then tell them to hold up what they have written on the paper in front of a mirror. That will surely make them remember the name. The only association name home buyers should look for and use! :wink:

Good one Ray another one it works with is COOKE Backwards or forwards its still COOKE
Roy Cooke . A Happy NACHI Member

Os seod sith egassem! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Actually there are many anagrams for National Association Of Certified Home Inspectors, this is one of the more interesting ones that came up.

foe cheated cosponsors to artificial insemination

Thanks Roy! We will get together at the next meeting. Hopefully Ray will attend too. Sorry I had to leave early.

:-k I think I will phone in with a fake name and ask a real hard question to stump you… ah wait…what am I talking about! Roy is too knowledgeable to be stumped…wait…wait…I ask “Is dwindling the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors fading away because its self serving, or because of their lack of providing sufficient education to its non-vocal members?” :wink:

"foe (ASHI)*** cheated cosponsors*** (NAHI - etc.)*** to artificial insemination"***

Serendipitous, ain’t it…


I like the way you think! What better way to get the word out about an association that is corrupt and morally bankrupt.

Seems there is much infighting and personality conflicts assisted by the National Initiative. I think that is why many in Oahi are signing onto CAHPI they are tired of the run around and non answers in OAHI and the dictatorial leadership. They just had the two resignations from their newly elected BOD. Things are not well in OAHI and a faultering membership.

The anagram for Ont. Assoc. Home Inspectors is…

*Poe Ono FAO amoroso Christian Scientist
And we all know about Christian Scientists, next Oahi will be instructing its members to drink the red refreshment called Freshie aka Cool Aid.

Oooooooooooops I am bad. :slight_smile: :wink:

It was not Chrisian Science it was the Peoples Temple

Thanks, I wasn’t trying to connect the two sects.

Does artificial insemination equate with intelligence? If its artificial is it real?
These and other interesting questions can be found in OAHI the official association of oxymorons. Sorry couldn’t resist. You kow how it is when one is on a roll… :wink:

Just a reminder for everyone.


Thursday April 6th on CJBQ in Belleville Ont 800 on the AM dial .
9:00 am till 11:00


This Telefunken thing, if you do you’ll clean it up.

Roy C. be sure to shout because I live near Orangeville, and if the wind is blowing out of the west I won’t be able to hear you. Ha ha. :slight_smile: