Rubber membrane

Most of you know I walk most roofs and will, if safe to do so, clear snow off a roof and do random sample inspections of the condition and quality of the roof covering. We carry a couple of snow shovels and a snow rake, we always try our best for our clients and it’s very rare I ever disclaim a roof due to snow covering.

I’m glad I went on this roof and shoveled. All of the fasteners that attach the foam insulation board to the substrate are backing out and pressing against the membrane. In some of the the images you can actually make out the metal plates.

My recommendation was to have a qualified roofing contractor look at it but my commercial experience tells me these will poke through the membrane and start leaking. Clients are very pleased with us, this was the second inspection we’ve done for them.

Here’s a commercial roof we inspected with the same problem.

Burke 059 (Small).JPG

Burke 057 (Small).JPG

good job Pete
it’s epidemic
6 month old TPO
they cant even patch properly
anytime is a good time to have a roof inspection

That’s for sure BA, keeps us busy :wink: