Rudd Ac Tons

I need to know the age btu’s and tons and approximate replacement cost on an old RUUD gas heat / AC package unit. The model is URGG-15E60-JKR
Serial ALA4502.


I believe it was manufactured in 2002. The unit is a 5 ton unit. There is 12,000 btu’s in a ton. Must have been a nice size home.

I’m not sure of the cost though.

Hope this helps some.

Building is much older and the unit looks original late 80’s. It is a big unit might be 5 tons. It just looks to beat up to be 2002. Thanks, where did you get the info?

Serial # says 45th week of 02. Nov.2002 That is not very old

With Rudd after the letter in the middle of serial number is the week and year.

Does it make any difference that it is RUUD, same comapnay? I really don’t know. How did you get the tonnage/btu info

ac pic.jpg


There are 12,000 btu’s in a ton. You divide 12 into the model number, in your case it’s the 60. A 42 would be a 3.5 ton, 36 would be a 3 ton, 30 would be a 2.5 ton, 24 would be a 2 ton ect.

Sometimes you can divide 6 into the RLA and get an idea of the tonage. That does not always work on the newer units.

I just priced a 5 ton 13 seer Rheem (Ruud is the contractor grade but made by same co. I think.) The cost for the heat pump {inside and out} was $1,600.00+/.
That is the equipment only. The 16 seer unit was $3750.00 +/-.
Labor is probably $2,500:neutral: