Ruined clothes during inspection

How many areas does a crawlspace need to be wet in order for you to avoid the wet areas? A dangling live wire would have done more damage to your shirt than the bleach. Then what would the poor used house salesman do to find an inspection for under $300? It would probably ruin her entire afternoon.:wink:

Seriously, write off the shirt. You got the inspection…you got out alive…all is well.

Or very very rich LMAO.

Dear Joe
I gave up of price wars with realtors, and depnding on them ,considering they only recommend you grudgingly, and in fact have caught some talking buyer out of an inspection. (those one I reported for ethical violation). I found that I kept my prices higher than other inspectors to cover such cost and beat competitors out on service and thoroughness. and have been offered a $100.00 tip by numerous clients. When was the last time a realtor gave you a 100.00