Russell Ray, Roberta wants to do an SEO talk in San Diego.

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Would you be able to work with her on this? We need to find a place for her to give it.

Nick Gromicko

I much prefer email to private messages.

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It doesn’t look like anything too organized is going to happen, however if any home inspectors in the area wish to chat about their web sites or how to improve their Google rankings, drop me a PM and I will give you a call while here. It may be from the beach, however.

Also, we're still offering free SEO (search engine optimization and submission) services to NACHI members - another great benefit of being a NACHI certified home inspector. You don't have to be a client of ours to get this service, and we aren't going to try to sell you anything. We simply review your site code, make some recommendations to help you improve your search engine placement, and submit your site to over 200 search engines and directories in the US and Canada.

To get yours, visit

- Roberta

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