Ryan Carr, Mike's 1000sf basement waterproofing

“Thanks for watching, leave comments…”
I’ll leave you some comments here R W Carr investment.

What you did was NOT ‘basement waterproofing’.

In the video, you did not show any evidence of how/where the basement leaks.
If you were getting water in basement at-near 1+++ window wells (where they are on the outside) then you didn’t find nor seal any of those exterior openings by installing a sump pump and interior system.

1:15 You said sir, "Typically there is drainage pipe around the footing and IT gets rid of ALL groundwater so it doesn’t come into your basement… (not outside at this house, I understand that)

Your synopsis is already FLAWED.

Your summary is FLAWED.

Your belief is WRONG.

Even if there were exterior drain tiles around this house outside, it would NEVER ‘get rid of all groundwater’, no way Jose. This is NOT why basement leak. looolll

You have been sold a bunch of incompetent crap, incompetent thought-process! (or dreamed it up on your own or believed some crap you found and then read online)

Most people… have been sold a bunch of incompetent crap, been bs’d, been lied-to, on this subject.

Again, Ryan whoever… looooolllllllllllllllllllllll, exterior drain tiles do NOT EVER… ‘get rid of all underground water’, are you kidding??? All homeowners are going to have x–amount of water, in the stupid azz soil, 5–10’ ++ away from the walls, all around the stupid house AND, underneath your stupid basement floors, whether you have an interior system or not, whether you have 5 sump pumps or not!!!

The right way to go about finding your actual problems (and then true solution) on this house WOULD HAVE BEEN… running a water-test with a hose on the exterior (of any area you leaked inside)… in order to find/identify whether you have 1++ exterior cracks, cracked parging etc on the outside of the basement wall AND–OR, 1+++ openings around, under,above those basement WINDOWS!

The interior system and sump you had put in, will NOT stop ANY water from entering any of those possibilities which are, most homeowners actual problems.
For instance, this house/photo album link… has 4 basement windows in the area where the homeowners got water in basement, got water ONLY along the floor–wall joint, the cove… click any photo to enlarge any photo, got that?
My bet as to why/where you leak, as usual, is one OR more cracks/other exterior openings that you see in these photos. Because, this is what I/we have repeatedly witnessed for nearly 4 decades!!! Have yet to see 1 leaky basement due-to a SUPPOSED problem with exterior drain tiles, sheesh man!!!

Is it possible Mr Ryan’s basement here had some sort of problem under the basement FLOOR? Sure.
But he would have been describing something quite different such as, saying he would get water coming UP through 1+ floor drains or up through a floor crack etc and, even IF that was the problem… an interior system was not the solution, nope.

See photo please, this is where the homeowner would see, would get water onto basement floor…

Now see the condition and location of the exterior drain tiles (clay tiles that quite a few like to shtt upon)

And now see this photos, one of the multiple exterior cracks, cracked parging and other exterior openings which was why and where the water got in… was why this basement and most others…leak! And why interior systems do NOT stop further water from entering (you’d have to go outside and waterproof these!!!) looollll god
Photos are just a smidgeon of why most basements leak/seep and the fact most on this planet do not understand this is… THEIR own incompetence, negligence!!!~!!!#%

By the way, the homeowner (photos above) is a former building inspector who also PAID $$$ and had his concrete driveway slabs mudjacked… and obviously that did not stop the water from entering = waste a money!!! Not shtting on him, he didn’t know, just stating the FACTS!!!

He also painted/Drylok the basement walls, more time and money out the window.

WHERE oh frigginnnnnnnnnn where are you people getting this incompetent bllshttt erroneous information?
looool, I know where, least in part, yup. Morons, incompetent morons who need to be sued because they are wrong and do not want to learn!!@!!@!@!!!@!!!

One more photo album, one more time trying to friggin show ya’s why/where most basements leak and wtf to do about it!!! This homeowner ONLY leaked/seeped in ONE area, small part of back wall, under brick pavers, under basement window. (imagine if there would have been a WINDOW WELL here) and click any photo to enlarge the photo http://picasaweb.google.com/101049034584960315932/BasementWaterproofing04
LAST 3 photos… finished basement, homeowner took off a little.
BEFORE he took paneling off, he would only see water on the FLOOR, right where the dumb azz floor meets the bottom of the dumb azz wall, got dat?

I tell, exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxplain to every homeowner (they don’t always listen eh), that with block or brick basement walls, they ‘could’, they ‘might’ have a vertical crack AND… a horizontal crack on the exterior of the wall. If if if if if they do have a horizontal crack, as this homeowner does, then… no fault of my dumb azz, you—the—homeowner might leak in thr future FURTHER down… away from where we just waterproofed…loooll, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecause, there’s a horizontal crack that’s still… open!!! Most don’t, but a few will. Blame your builder and building officials, jeezzuz.

Ok so imagine IF there was a window well, like Ryan has… it would be NO different. Well or no well.
It’s about finding/identifying a homeowners actual problem/cause and then fixing it, waterproofing it!!! And it’s friggggggggggggggggggggggggin NOT the dumb azz exterior drain tiles people, NO!!! looolllll god will they ever learn!

Back to the last–link/photo album… that small job was done approx. 7 years ago, homeowners has had NO other leaky areas, even though he DOES have an existing HAIRLINE horizontal crack in parging.
Had that horizontal crack been bigger/wider… then he would leaking in other areas, like this homeowner who was bs’d and sold a B Dry system… see the DIFFERENT size/width of horizontal crack
The exterior drain tiles, whether one has 'em or not, have ZERO to do about the crack or other exterior openings!!! The water in the soil, ummmm, goes down, GRAVITY! The water will find the crack or other openings well before some of the water makes it down to the dumb azz drain tile!!!###################!!!
If there were NO exterior cracks or other openings there would be NO leak!! HENCE g dammmmit, these problems are NOT because of the exterior drain tiles, NOT because of the grade… YA FOLLA?

If someone cannot follow what the frig I just said above, YOU are not as bright as you think!!!

Skating away on the thin ice of the new day/Jethro Tull … “Meanwhile back in the year, one. When you belonged to no – one. You didn’t stand a chance, son… if your pants were undone. 'Cause you were bred for humanity, and SOLD to SOCIETY”

Drain tile? loool Exterior drain tiles must be clogged, broken or non existent huh? Or, one needs new drain tile inside huh… really? loll Dumb, incompetent, negligent bs, yes… it is, you are!

Photo of leaky basement, an interior basement system previously installed with NEW DRAIN TILES!!! Still leaks, more mold and efflorescence.

So, your telling me this rod hole and all other leaky rod holes leak because of the grade OR because of a supposed need for new drain tiles, inside or outside? New drain tiles would make all the difference huh? Not, hll no, never.

Another interior basement system installed w/NEW DRAIN TILE… still…leaks!!! Has NOTHING to do with drain tiles, g dang, you have been B…S…ddddddd!!! You actually belived this nonsense huh? That’s YOUR fault!

Here, even with a leak on a back porch floor… what? Needed new drain tiles??? What, install drain tile INSIDE the porch??? loolololL!!

Next 2 photos, ‘THE problems’!!!

See scrapers…crack…

Your wrong, you’ve been wrong a looooong time!