basement waterproofing and the biggest nyth about exterior drain tiles

Example, here’s a photo of the drain tiles along a basement wall we waterproofed years ago,
As usual over my 37 years of doing this, not a thing wrong with the exterior drain tiles, ZERO… that is NOT why basement leak and anyone who says differently is an incompetent azz on this subject, period.

More photos of same house and WHY 'n WHERE water was getting into the hollow blocks…and ummm duh, by DUH way, homeowner is a former building inspector who had all driveway slabs mudjacked so all the stupid slabs pitched away, spent $$$… still leaked and found and called my old azz

See the last few photos… inside basement, where he got/saw the water enter which was ONLY at–along the very bottom of basement wall/floor.

Then eyeball the other photos… many of thin hairline cracks in the…parging! Yep, those stupid little sobs is what allowed water into his block wall UNDERNEATH his mudjacked driveway slabs

Don’t bother to shoot me any stupid bullllllshtt about the grade or about pitching concrete slabs away from a house/walls. Those who think ‘THAT’ is why most homeowners leak OR, think the exterior drain tiles are clogged and is why most basements leak are FULL of incompetent shtttt, change your tune or get sued someday, idiot morons man, tired of em.

Look at the photo of the drain tiles… see them way DOWN there?
They, the tiles, have ZERO to do with/about ANY size cracks or other openings ABOVE the S T OOOOOO P I D drain tiles, zero!

Look at the fkg photo and think, use yer Brain for a moment please.

When it fkkkkkg rains, or duh snow melts…loooooool, that water goes INTO the soil, just below grade. GOT dat?

If it rains for awhile or enough snow melts, the water will go DOWN, a bit further, sideways too, but down as well, against a basement wall as well.

And ummmmm duh sooooo, as the water goes down against/along a wall, IF there is an opening in the fruitcake basement wall (above the stooopid drain tiles) then some of that water will go INTO/through that opening, crack, rod hole, whatever. Especially when the soil is clay.

This water, and the crack or other opening in the STOOOPID basement wall, are ABOVE your STOOOPID drain tiles.

Your azz nine assumption that drain tiles must be old, clogged etc and IS the reason why most basements leak, is absolute incompetent bulllshttt.

You need to have the experience and take the time (sometimes) to identify where the stooopid water is really entering.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, these inside system pieces of shttt who tell most-all homeowners that their drain tiles are probably clogged and that they can install drainage system/drain tiles INSIDE the shtty azz basement, is fkkkkg more bullllshtttt.

They didn’t take the time, or care to, or don’t have the real g damn experience to FIND the homeowners REAL problems, nah… just lie, misrepresent the problem sell them the one shttball thing they do

CMON people, if your neighborhood kids threw a g damn baseball through your living room window which ummm, caused a hole, cracks in the stooped window, would you NOT replace the window and INSTEAD, install an interior LIVING ROOM System with drain tiles and a sump?

If a tree limb fell on your stooopid ROOF and caused damage to your stooped roof (holes etc eh), would you have the tree limb removed and roof repaired/replaced OR, would you be an American idiot and instead install some drain tiles and 99 sumps pumps in your attic?